Thursday, September 29, 2011

Riding to kick off holidays

The 2nd last day of September turned out to be a nice Summer-like day. It was also the 1st day of some days off, what better way to kick that off with a nice ride before my rookie riding season draws to an end!

A shot that says "I was here"

One just for the view

End of the ride: topping it up with zero-ethanol gas, readying for storing soon.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Autox event #4 this year

Attended the 4th out of 5 scheduled autox event of my rookie season.  Autox rain or shine and on this day, it was autox from rain to shine!

Since attending the previous rookie series event back in April, I turned my focus to motorcycle riding (learning, taking road test, going on rides, etc.) instead of attending as many other autox events as available.  The result was clear, my so-so autox skills stay put while others improve :D  The positive I take away is that I did not become a worse autox driver due to inactivity ;) and it was still fun driving at autox.

This autox box hasn't been used for almost 5 months!

Why does it always rain on my autox day?!?

The never to-scale course map, makes walking the course that much more important!

Sun finally came out!

My highest g-loads run of the day

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Another sunny September Sunday perfect for riding

Visited another new spot in my first year of riding, another water front location at a nearby suburb area.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Destination Squamish: ride (on Wed) & drive (on Sat)

This Wednesday I have put together a string of "firsts" on my bike as I joined in on a group ride:
  • first midweek ride (other than few times of short commute)
  • first evening ride INTO night ride (had to change from dark smoke to clear visor!)
  • first Sea-to-Sky ride
Here are couple fairly bad photos at the destination rest point. I rushed the shots as I was trying to embark on my solo ride into the night towards home soonest possible :p

Overall, it was a great ride!  The group was friendly and I was able to ride at a good pace in my comfort zone along several others without feeling hassled.  The roads offered great elevation changes and twisties; scenery was amazing although I made sure I kept my eyes on the road!  I am also very pleased with how I handled the ride back as it really got dark.  Riding at night is a very different experience, awareness kicked into overdrive, that is quite a rush in itself :D

As I enjoyed the roads and scenery from Wednesday so much, I just had to drive my wife there in my S2000. So tonight we went on an evening-into-night cruise, this time there are better photos!