Sunday, October 2, 2011

This is really it for my 2011 riding

Just as I thought I already had my final ride of 2011, there was still one bright and sunny Sunday morning allowing me a bonus ride! With the insurance on my Ninja 250R expiring in couple days, this has got to be it of my first riding season. It is time to prepare for storage months.

It has been a wonderful 5-month riding experience from never having been on a motorcycle at the beginning of the course to now with 2000+ km of riding on my very own motorcycle :) The upcoming rainy seasons will be dark and will feel long at times, but that will only make welcoming the next riding season that much better!

Spent more time riding than taking photos!  Just a quick snapshot at a short stopover.

End of the bonus ride.  Topping up with zero-ethanol stuff ready for some Stabil soon.

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