Sunday, August 28, 2011

Returning to where it all started... for my riding days.

As I am still trying to not yet repeat any full route I have gone on, I found myself riding on some highway stretches that lead me back to where it all started for my riding days.  The wonderful Pacific Riding School where I learned my skills as a safe and confident rider :D

PRS is a great riding school!!
A class in session at the lot across the street
No, I did NOT help my Ninja with any free gas :D

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great ride on a hot Summer day!

It was apparently the hottest day so far this Summer reaching 30C in parts of the city. I spent much of the 130km riding on highways with nice sweeping curves and open roads, thoroughly enjoyed the warm wind. Part of the ride led me to a popular local beach packed with people and cars circling to find parking spots - no such problem for a motorcycle, easily parked it and took some photos :)

After today's ride, I can honestly say that riding on a hot day like today really does not get as hot and sweaty as one might expect.  The key is to put some considerations in the routes and avoid stop-n-go, heavily congested traffic.  I always ride with all my protective gears (textile jacket and over-pants, gloves, boots and of course helmet :p) and just wear different top, jeans or shorts under depending on temperature range.  I seriously have not broken a sweat on my bike!  In fact, I have to make sure I zip my jacket up fully so that I don't end up getting a cough from the wind while traveling at speed.

Looking over to beautiful downtown skyline - NO WAY that I would ride there on a hot day like today!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

2-part ride

After couple of fairly busy weekends, managed to fit in a short but fun 2-part ride this Sunday afternoon :D

Part 1
Took to the nearby highway and bridge crossings.  I think I "invented" a fun little route taking me to less traveled areas, complete with sweeping curves on wide open highway ramps and quiet main roads (not busy on Sundays!) with modest twists.

Part 2
On the return leg, swung over to pick up some items for the pantry.  This small tank bag can be a handy grocery bag too! 

Just sauces and stuff for the pantry

Monday, August 1, 2011

Another 100km on another perfect riding day!

I came across a site last night with some good local routes suggestions, it was perfect timing as I was hoping to get another ride in but didn't want to repeat any route done so far.  The route I did today combines some familiar roads that are not often traveled and some places I know of but have almost never even driven out to.  Riding is truly allowing me to explore some cool places not too far from home!

Today's route was mostly around water front and away from inner city traffic, so heat was not a problem at all.

The very reflective building across the river is the airport.

It has stopped completely on the track but wait was not long at all and there was ocean breeze.