Saturday, August 20, 2011

Great ride on a hot Summer day!

It was apparently the hottest day so far this Summer reaching 30C in parts of the city. I spent much of the 130km riding on highways with nice sweeping curves and open roads, thoroughly enjoyed the warm wind. Part of the ride led me to a popular local beach packed with people and cars circling to find parking spots - no such problem for a motorcycle, easily parked it and took some photos :)

After today's ride, I can honestly say that riding on a hot day like today really does not get as hot and sweaty as one might expect.  The key is to put some considerations in the routes and avoid stop-n-go, heavily congested traffic.  I always ride with all my protective gears (textile jacket and over-pants, gloves, boots and of course helmet :p) and just wear different top, jeans or shorts under depending on temperature range.  I seriously have not broken a sweat on my bike!  In fact, I have to make sure I zip my jacket up fully so that I don't end up getting a cough from the wind while traveling at speed.

Looking over to beautiful downtown skyline - NO WAY that I would ride there on a hot day like today!

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