I always love driving, no question about it. I still enjoy driving sports cars very much. I am also still doing autox this year, it happens to be my full rookie season in the sport.

I have also always liked motorcycle, especially sports bikes. In my mind, sports bikes are the purebred lean and mean machines just like jet fighters are. However, I have never given riding a try… always intrigued by the idea but have not done so… until this year, finally.

I took a professional course earlier this month and I have been hooked to riding since the instructor took us out on a (short) first road ride! I am still a driver obsessed with the feel of rear wheels almost losing traction in a perfect launch, weight shifting forward during hard braking and heel-toe downshift into a corner. I also love the high revs (13,000 rpm on my very basic Ninja 250R vs 8,000 rpm on my S2000 AP2) at a twist of my wrist, the law of physics in action when counter-steering to turn at speed and the airflow through the helmet, breathable riding jacket – that is an experience not to be found in any car!

I am always passionate about driving and now I am becoming just as passionate about riding. Who else out there also has an equal amount of passion to driving and riding?