Saturday, September 3, 2011

Destination Squamish: ride (on Wed) & drive (on Sat)

This Wednesday I have put together a string of "firsts" on my bike as I joined in on a group ride:
  • first midweek ride (other than few times of short commute)
  • first evening ride INTO night ride (had to change from dark smoke to clear visor!)
  • first Sea-to-Sky ride
Here are couple fairly bad photos at the destination rest point. I rushed the shots as I was trying to embark on my solo ride into the night towards home soonest possible :p

Overall, it was a great ride!  The group was friendly and I was able to ride at a good pace in my comfort zone along several others without feeling hassled.  The roads offered great elevation changes and twisties; scenery was amazing although I made sure I kept my eyes on the road!  I am also very pleased with how I handled the ride back as it really got dark.  Riding at night is a very different experience, awareness kicked into overdrive, that is quite a rush in itself :D

As I enjoyed the roads and scenery from Wednesday so much, I just had to drive my wife there in my S2000. So tonight we went on an evening-into-night cruise, this time there are better photos!

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