Tuesday, June 12, 2012

6+ months have passed!?!

So it's actually been over 6 months since my last entry here about storing my bike.  Well, surprise surprise that I was neglecting this blog...... blogging isn't exactly the happening thing anymore especially I post on facebook and via twitter right from the phone :p  At least my tweets show up on the sidebar here ;)

Anyway, my riding season #2 actually already started back in April.  Haven't had longer rides yet this year but rode about half a dozen times including taking the bike to get an oil change after the Winter storage.  Here are couple onboard videos on that day.

Not to worry, there is nothing crazy or illegal like reaching 300km/h on highway :p

I also rode to an autox event in early June where I co-drove a friend's NC Miata / MX-5 and also the brand new Scion FR-S courtesy of Scion Canada and VCMC (the club I autox with).  Here are the vids of my autoxing that day too!

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